Christine Ann Takata has been a licensed Illinois practicing attorney since November 1997 and is now running for Illinois’ 17th Congressional District to become a Representative in the US House.  She is a progressive political advocate and has worked as a volunteer and donor for Senator Bernie Sanders since 2015 in Iowa and Illinois. She is also now a monthly Justice Democrat donor.  She has picketed against anti-choice protesters, opposed the war in Iraq, protested against the TANF program and Trump’s racist Muslim ban, long supported local progressive Democrats and has fought against corruption and injustice throughout her career as an attorney. 

Christine earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and minored in Political Science by attending the University of Illinois and Bradley University.  She earned her law degree in 1997 from Northern Illinois University. She began practicing law in the Chicago northwest suburbs immediately after passing the bar exam in November 1997.  In 2001 she moved back to the Peoria, IL area and restarted her law practice.

Since graduating from law school Christine has litigated successfully in 23 Illinois Circuit Courts primarily in the areas of family law and domestic violence. She won her first appellate case in the Second District Appellate Court in 1999, and in 2000 she self-published a Child Support Enforcement and Modification book to assist parents who were unable to afford an attorney.  In 2008 Christine won a landmark anti-fraud child support enforcement case in the Third District Appellate Court.

Throughout her career Christine has put her children first and foremost and has maintained a small, home-based practice, primarily representing middle and low-income citizens.  Her children are now grown and Christine has one grandchild. 

Meet Christine

As a United States Representative for the 17th District for the State of Illinois, Christine will fight for:

  • Economic, climate and racial justice including a living wage and a massive increase in the taxation of the ultra-wealthy and large corporations

  • Medicare for All

  • Free public college tuition and fees

  • Cancellation of student loan and medical debt

  • Government funding for clean air and water projects

  • An end to wars and subsidies for the 1% and their oil

  • An increase in veteran’s benefits

  • The eradication of a billionaire class

  • Common-sense gun control

  • An end to corporate money in politics

  • Women’s rights including the right to choose

  • LGBTQ rights

  • Affordable housing

  • An end to tax-exempt status for churches and religious organizations

At a time when climate change threatens our very survival as a species, when income inequality, debt, and systemic racism are destroying the very fabric of American lives, when hope is dying along with the American Dream and in it’s stead we have rampant crime, despair and gun deaths, the time for incrementalism has long passed.  Enough is enough.  We need to take our country back from the suffocating grip of corporations, the NRA, and the billionaire class.  As a member of Congress, Christine will fight as hard for justice as she has throughout her entire career as a lawyer.  To that end, she asks for your support.

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